New wheels

Check out my new ride!

It's a Specialized Langster. Some features:

- Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame, fully manipulated tubing, compact design, integrated headset
- Specialized carbon fork, carbon fiber legs, aluminum steerer
- Specialized Sport, 3D forged alloy stem and Specialized Comp, 6061 alloy
- Shimano 16t Freewheel plus 16t fixed gear cog
- 42T CNC Zen Messenger chainrings

I'm very excited finally to join the wonderful world of fixed-gear cycling. I got a sick deal on my sweet wheels, and so far my heart's all set aflutter. It's light, responsive and nimble. It's awesome for climbing; it just blew me away how it darts up hills. I'm not super impressed with the saddle or the wheels, so I may swap those out soon, but otherwise I'm a very happy fixie newbie.

Battlestar Canadiana

Wow. I just found out that 9 of the 15 main actors in Battlestar Galactica are at least partly Canadian. With the show filmed in Vancouver, you can bet that most of the minor actors and extras are Canadian as well. It's a wonder I haven't bumped into any of them. Then again, I'm so unobservant that I very well may have already.


Sigh. Once again I somehow owe Ottawa most of a paycheque's worth. Yes, I'd rather gripe and be called a bad socialist.

I have to look on the bright side. After all, now I can "Aspire to a Stonger, Safer, Better Canada". That and maybe turning a few séparatistes into neo-cons.

Six million wasted votes - That's not democracy

Representative democracy is a simple concept. Citizens elect their representatives. The majority win the right to make decisions.

But do Canadians actually have representative democracy?

In the 2006 federal election, more than 650,000 Green Party voters across the country elected no one. Meanwhile, fewer than a half-million Liberal voters in Atlantic Canada alone elected 20 MPs. In the prairie provinces, Conservatives won three times as many votes as the Liberals, but were given nearly ten times as many seats. But more than 400,000 Conservative voters in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver couldn't elect a single MP. The NDP attracted a million more votes than the Bloc, but the voting system gave the Bloc 51 seats and the NDP 29.

What about majority rule? Canadians are usually ruled by majority governments that the majority voted against. In some provincial elections, parties coming in second in the popular vote have won majority control of the legislature. In other cases, the opposition is sometimes reduced to a seat or two (and in one case, none at all) despite representing forty percent of the electorate.

Check out Fair Vote Canada and please sign the petition si vous êtes canadien(ne).

Edit: This post has generated a lot of discussion over in canadakicksass.