Aaron Chapman (arono) wrote,
Aaron Chapman

New wheels

Check out my new ride!

It's a Specialized Langster. Some features:

- Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum frame, fully manipulated tubing, compact design, integrated headset
- Specialized carbon fork, carbon fiber legs, aluminum steerer
- Specialized Sport, 3D forged alloy stem and Specialized Comp, 6061 alloy
- Shimano 16t Freewheel plus 16t fixed gear cog
- 42T CNC Zen Messenger chainrings

I'm very excited finally to join the wonderful world of fixed-gear cycling. I got a sick deal on my sweet wheels, and so far my heart's all set aflutter. It's light, responsive and nimble. It's awesome for climbing; it just blew me away how it darts up hills. I'm not super impressed with the saddle or the wheels, so I may swap those out soon, but otherwise I'm a very happy fixie newbie.
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