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Aaron Chapman
29 April

Wow - that needed an update, ĉu ne?

My name is Aaron or Arono (or something like that) and I'm schizolingual. (No, not fork-tongued.) (Nifty! I hadn't thought of that.) (Who are you? I said schizolingual!) (Sorry.)

Mi ofte ne scias which language is going to hoppa ut från munnen at any given momento. C'est souvent iomete disorienting, men det ska inte döda mig, I guess.

Ooh, jen alia: Je m'appelle Arono / Aaron, och jag malamas user profiles!

Wait, wait... one more: Jag heter (am called [sed ne telefone {na fata, hel ukonkreta}]) A(a)ron(o) And ][ abuse parentheses!!

OK, right. Supposed to be a profilo.

I guess you could say I'm a quirky, geeky, right-handed lefty, artsy yet angular fellow, speaking in tongues and listening to dunkadunka sommardummpop; a sushi slurping, frisbee chasing, cuddle-loving, nordomanic yet sun-worshipping Eurotrash wannabe, patriotic Esperantisto pinko commie on wheels (but never four unless one foot's in the air) who has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up. Ĉu vi ne volas esti mia amiko?

I live in a magical city of glass, built on a random spit of glacial play, ringed with parks and beaches that reach lazily into the calm flickering sea, from which the very depths of the land have been hurtled violently into the sky, piercing the heavy clouds that nourish the Canadian rainforest on the edges of our beautiful, exciting and fascinating urbania.

Ĉu mi menciis ke Vankuvero plaĉas al mi? A round of applause pro la fakto ke Vankuvero ne falis sur la malĝusta flanko de la landlimo kiam oni desegnis ĝin! Hu raa!

Like everyone else in this city, we (ege ofta pronomo en mia taglibro, sciu), that is, my wife and awesome partner in crime, the lovely ruckachoni and I both have virtually all of our family backeast. Yes, I like that as one word. Si vous voulez dire backwardeast, säg inte att det var mia ideo. It's sad for us, but much sadder for them to be both without us and without Vancouver!

Ĉu iu ankoraŭ legas? Hmm...

My interests are below, right, so I guess I don't need to get into those. Tamen, nur legi mian blokon de "interesoj" estas ricevi bizaran bildon de mia mio.

I speak, to extremely and wildly varying degrees of fluency/semi-fluency/brushing familiarity, a small cluster of languages whose number is exceedingly difficult to pin down. If you wish to fully partake in the enjoyment of my mind's offal, my advice: Lär er dem. Mi ne havas tempon por traduki ĉiujn miajn pensojn! C'est à vous si vous voulez comprendre!

Jag är en agnostisk atheist. Mi estas socialisto. I like sun. Actually, I'm quite the heliophile.

I hate regressive redneck assholes, but often feel guilty about not affording them more patience and pity for their plight. Mi devis skribi tion angle. Aroganteco sonas multe pli konvinka tiulingve. My patience is strained, though, when I see them allowed to creep into positions of power and run amok and eff it all up for everyone. Ta-da. Arono's politiko in a nutshell.

Malpli snarkily: I believe overconsumerism will soon reach a critical point at which things will either become very, very bad, or rapidly en route to being good. Mi ĝenerale optimismas kaj mi pensas ke homoj kapablas fari ĝustajn decidojn. Sed ili devas malfermi siajn okulojn kaj tiujn de siaj infanoj.

Blah blah blah. You know?

So, if you're still with me, tune into my super exciting blog for all kinds of similar rantoj.

Åh, ja, jag har en liten website that really ought to be updated as well: xonus.com